Memo, Pemberton to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
[No date]
In regard to having the maps of Fort Victoria Town and Victoria District engraved J.D. Pemberton takes the liberty of mentioning to Mr Merivale.
That the expense of Surveying, Mapping and keeping the Books in connexion with them has been considerable, and as this was done by Colonial means, the writer stated the amount which the Hudson's Bay Company should pay the Colony on the score, at £1500 which claim is also in abeyance and compared with which the cost of engraving is but a small item.
The Governor lays claim on the part of the Colony to some small but very valuable portions of the Town Reserve, which ought to be clearly marked on the Maps.
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The Writer stated to Mr Merivale the amount received by him, for Sales of portions of the Town Reserve at £30,000 in round numbers. Other sales of portions of the same were made by the Company's Officers, amounting to, in round numbers £6,000.
About one third in area of the Town Reserve is sold.
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Minutes by CO staff
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VJ 8 March
Mr Fortescue
You are aware of the value of the map in question. Is it worth while authorising the Librarian to require the expense of printing?
HM Mh 8
I think so.
CF 8
N 10
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Mr Merivale
I have ascertained from Mr Arrowsmith that the cost of engraving the Map of Vancouver's Island together with the plan of the Town of Victoria, will be about £60, that is, £35 for the Map, & £25 for the Plan omitting the ornamental portion in the right hand corner of the latter.
Mr Fortescue
What do you say to this?
HM Mh 17
Mr Fortescue handed me this letter last week. I have consulted Mr Murdoch and I agree with him that it is not worth while to Manuscript imagego to the expense of publishing these maps. See his note within. Write to Mr Pemberton that his maps are very well executed and do him credit, but that on full consideration it is not thought expedient to incur the expense of their publication?
TFE 10 April
N 11
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10 April
My dear Elliot
I cannot think it is worth while to engrave the Maps & Chart of Victoria Vancs Island. We could make no use of them in this Country—and in the course of a few months, if the Country fills up, they will be entirely out of date. They are beautifully executed, and very creditable to Mr Pemberton, who will Manuscript imageno doubt be grateful for a little praise.
Ever yours truly
T.W.C. Murdoch
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Draft, Elliot to Pemberton, 16 April 1860, stating it was not considered expedient to incur the expense of publishing the maps.