Wodehouse to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
24 July 1861
Having laid before Lord John Russell your letter of the 17th Instant and its Inclosure from the War Office relative to the question of despatching an Infantry Regiment from China to Vancouver's Island, I am directed by His Lordship to request that you will statetoManuscript image to The Duke of Newcastle that he is willing that the Despatch of these Troops should be postponed for the present.
I am etc.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
As a military force is not to be despatched "for the present" to VanCouver's Island for service in San Juan how are the 100 Marines, stationed on that Island, whose time has long been up, to be relieved? At the same time the decision on that point is not for the Col. Office, but for the Admy who should, I think, be apprised ofManuscript image the contents of this Letter.
ABd 26 July
Mr Fortescue
I am not sure that the responsibility about the Marines can be cast upon the Admiralty. The Admiralty have frequently remonstrated about their being detained so long after the period at which they are entitled to relief. The subject of the amount and nature of the force to be maintained for service at VanCouver Island and on the Isle of San Juan, seems to be one for the general decision of H.M. Government and not for that of the Admiralty; but since it is clear that until there is a new agreement with the Americans, 100 men must be found for San Juan alone, it seems to follow that if no other kind of force than marines can be found, the only remaining resource would be to ask the Admiralty whether, in case the present detachment have so strong a claim to relief, it's place can be supplied by other marines?
TFE 26 July
Duke of Newcastle
The maintenance of the joint occupation of San Juan, under a diplomatic arrangement, is a Foreign Office affair,Manuscript image and I do not see that we are bound to move further in the matter, until we are applied to by the Admiralty.
CF 26
This may be put by. Ld J.R. agreed with me that the question of a Rgt to V.I. should be postponed till the D. of Somerset had consulted with Adml Baines. We shall probably soon hear the result.
N 28