Colvile to Newcastle
Hudson's Bay House
18 December 1861
With reference to the conversation I had the honour to have with your Grace yesterday respecting the Claims of the Hudson's Bay Company to Lands in Vancouver's Island, I beg now to suggest that the whole question be referred to the Company's Solicitor Mr Maynard and Mr Dallas on behalf of the Company, & to Mr Walcott and such other Gentlemen as Your Grace may think fit to appoint on behalf of the Government, with the understanding that should these Gentlemen not be able to settle thematterManuscript image matter in question to the satisfaction of the Government and of the Hudson's Bay Company, the proceedings shall be without prejudice on either side as regards the reference to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. I presume that the Gentlemen appointed by your Grace will arrange directly with Mr Maynard and Mr Dallas as to time and place of Meeting.
I have etc.
E. Colvile
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
The directions in the Minutes on 10953 have not been executed, and as the whole question between the Crown & the Company is about to be referred to arbitration it may be advisable not at presentManuscript image to write the proposed letter to the Company?
VJ 19 Decr
TFE 19/12
I agree with Mr Jadis. No time shd be lost in referring this to the E.C. if as I understand it has been determined to do this.
Duke of Newcastle
Messrs. Murdoch & Walcott should be at once put in communication with Messrs. Maynard & Dallas—as the latter gentleman leaves this country in a short time?
CF 20
Let this be done immediately.
N 20
Other documents included in the file
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Colonial Office to Colvile, 23 December 1861, agreeing to the proposed conference and advising that Murdoch and Walcott have been appointed to act on behalf of the government.
Manuscript image
Elliot to T.W.C. Murdoch and S. Walcott, 21 December 1861, asking them to act on behalf of the crown in the negotiations.