Lugard to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
17 June 1861
I am directed by the Secretary of State for War to transmit to you for the consideration of the Duke of Newcastle the inclosed copy of a letter from Colonel Moody, Commanding the Royal Engineers in British Columbia, in which he urges that if Barracks aretoManuscript image to be built in Vancouver Island no time should be lost in securing the requisite site.
Before taking any steps for carrying out this suggestion, Lord Herbert would wish to be informed whether the Duke of Newcastle is of opinion that it will eventually be necessary to station a Regiment of Infantry in Vancouver Island, andwhetherManuscript image whether in that case the expense of providing Barrack accommodation should be borne by the Local or Imperial Government.
I have etc.
Edward Lugard
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Is the War Office aware of the difficulties raised by the Horse Guards to which the Duke of Newcastle refers in his minute of 10 Feby on 1081? From the communication addressed to Col: Moody by Sir John Burgoyne the inference rather is that the War Office is not as much informed on the subject as His Grace.
We have nothing of later date to supply you with on this point than the minute above mentd?
ABd 18/6
It seems to be doubtful whether, for an indefinite time to come, a Regt of the Line will be sent to Vancouver Island. The usual course is not to purchase land for Mil[itar]y] purposes, but to reserve what is necessary out of public lands. I am not aware whether there be more available for reserve in Vancouver Island. I certainly should not think that any purchase out of Colonial Revenue should be sanctioned, without first obtaining the opinion of the Govr. My inclination would be to discourage the whole suggestion.
TFE 19 June
Duke of Newcastle
This is a very confused proposition of Col. Moody's. If Barracks are built, the question will be whether they must be built within the Reserve claimed by the H.B.Co.Manuscript image or without it. If the Reserve sh. be decided to be the private property of the Co—& if the Barracks must be within it, of course the land will have to be purchased—if otherwise, ungranted & unsold Crown Land will probably be available for the purpose.
I wd point out these facts to the War Office & say that you consider Col. Moody's suggestion at all events premature—and that you will obtain further Govrs Report upon the question of a site for Barracks in case Troops sh. be eventually sent to V. Id—a point on wh. you think it unnecessary at present to pronounce an opinion. Then write to Govr enclosing these letters?
CF 20
This letter is one of those cross-purpose productions which we are apt to receive from the W.O.Manuscript image The [at least one line off microfilm] the 10th Feby were communicated by the D. of Cambridge to Ld Herbert as well as to me. What may "eventually" be necessary it is difficult to foresee in such a matter, but I should hope it wd not be necessary to maintain a Regt in V.Id—at least not for Colonial purposes. Answer in terms of Mr Fortescue's minute.
N 21
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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R.C. Moody to Inspector General of Fortifications, 24 April 1861, advising that if barracks were indeed to be constructed, the "requisite quantity of Land" should be purchased immediately.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Under-Secretary of State for War, 28 June 1861, advising that no action could be taken on Moody's suggestion before settlement of the land dispute with the Hudson's Bay Company, or before consultation with the Governor on the subject.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 62, 25 June 1861, forwarding copies of correspondence addressing the question of the construction of a military barracks on Vancouver Island, and asking Douglas to reply with a report upon the question of a site for these Buildings.