Blake to Secretary of State

The Secretary of the Colonial Office
Royal Marine Barracks
14 June 1861
Dear Sir,
I shall esteem it a great favour if you will kindly inform me if the allowances granted to the Marines for Service in V. Island are likely to be paid soon. As I have been in England a year I would submit that the grant due to me according to the Paysheets, which you have,Manuscript image might be paid from the Colonial Office to me now—as I could not have been included in the list of sums drawn by the Governor of V.I.—being in England at the time the money was granted by the Duke of Newcastle.Manuscript image
Begging the favour of an answer, and that my views may be favourably entertained.
Believe me, dear Sir,
faithfully yours
G. Lascelles Blake
Captain Royal Mar[ines]
(L I)

The Secretary of the Colonial Office
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
It wd be only right I think, that we shd ascertain before ansg this Letter whether any Govt Office in London possesses the intelligence which is necessary for paying officers who stand in the situation of the writer. If we cannot get the infn then write as we did upon 5087.
ABd 17 June
Mr Blackwood
Will you have the goodness to have inquiry be made as proposed.
TFE 18/6
Manuscript image
Mr Blackwood
I have learned, on inquiry at the Admiralty Somerset House, that the sum due to Captain Blake is £29-12-6, which they are about to pay to him, and willManuscript image send in a claim to this office for the recovery of the amount.
EB Pennell 20-6/61
Inform the applicant that it is understood here that his claim will be settled at the AdmiraltyManuscript image Office, Somerset House?
ABd 20 June
Draft: & suggest to the other gentleman who inquired, that he should apply to the same quarter. This, instead of applying to the Coll Govt, as was at first thought of.
TFE 20/6
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Fortescue to Blake, 25 June 1861, advising that his claim would be settled by the Admiralty Department, Somerset House.