Forbes to Newcastle
Clement Place
New York
13th March 1861
My Lord Duke,
With feeling of much regret I apply to your Grace again for a grant of Land for myself and two Sons in VanCouver's Island, the only reward that I can now hope for my faithful Service to my Country. The rule when I enterd the Service as Clerk in the War Office was to have Half pay in the event of retiring after the expiration of Ten years Service. My Service was nearly double that and the allowance of Half Pay has been withheld from me, this unfair treatment which is contrary to holy Writ, my grateful Country does not warrant, I am sure to any one who have done their duty like myself as shewn by the enclosures herewith enclosed.
One of my Son's has got Temporary employment now in Oregon and I am anxious to scratch my way to him, allow me to beg of your Grace not to allow myself and Family to turn our backs upon our Country notwithstanding the cruel treatment given to me, but give us a free grant of land in VanCouvers Island and in that case I shall be contented.
I have the honor to be My Lord Duke
Your Most obedent humble servant
Robert Forbes
(late War Office)
His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
&c &c &c
Downing Street
Gt. Britain
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
We can only ansr the writer in the same terms we employed in our Letter of the 26 Novr last, which, I assume, has not reached him.
Return the enclosures which have reference to no transaction with this Office, & are, therefore, useless to us.
ABd 2 Apl
Say that the Duke regrets that it is quite beyond his power to do more than repeat that [our orig. statement stands?]. Draft.
TFE 2 April
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Elliot to Forbes, 8 April 1861, stating, as before, that the public lands in Vancouver Island could only be disposed of by sale, and returning his enclosures.