Pemberton to Newcastle
45 Albany Street
Regent's Park N.W.
January 24th 1861 His Grace The Duke of Newcastle, K.G. &c

My Lord Duke
May I ask Your Graces permission to remain a few days longer in England on the ground that delays in the engraving of some of the maps, (proofs of which we herewith furnish) which I did not anticipate have taken place. The Maps will I trust when quite complete will be useful in explaining the Geographical part of questions of landed property which have arisen between Her Majesty's Government and the Hudson's Bay Company, apart from their Colonial application. If Your Grace will graciously accord me leave till the 12th proximo, I shall have the satisfaction of having the Maps very carefully completed under my own supervision.
I have the honor to be
Your Graces very Obedient Servant
J. Despard Pemberton to
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Mr Pemberton ought to have taken his departure the end of Decr and having, as he admitted to me, not attended as he should have done to the publication of his maps, they have been neglected, & are in arrear. It is, however, of importance, considering the discussion which is going on with the Hudson's Bay Co in respect to their claims to the fur reserves in V.C. Island, to have as accurate maps & intelligence bearing upon that point as possible; & therefore, I imagine, we have no alternative except toManuscript image grant Mr Pemberton the extension he solicits.
ABd 25 Jany
FR 25/1
I agree with Mr Blackwood. I have seen Mr Pemberton and have remarked to him that he ought to have attended sooner to these maps. At the same time he made a favorable impression I think on Mr Fortescue who saw a good deal of him, and I dare say that he is a good Officer. It seems that he is to be married, which is a motive to show him any reasonable indulgence, but I impressed it upon him that he must equally take care to accomplish the public object which supplies the reason for extending his leave.
As the case is urgent, I annex a draft.
TFE 26 Jany
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Memo, Pemberton to Elliot, dated "Monday," asking to have the "proofs (Maps) returned to him to save time."
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H. Irving
Do you know anything of these proofs? Perhaps Mr Blackwood may know, as he had some communication with Mr Pemberton.
TFE 28/1
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Proofs returned.
HTI 29/1/61
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Elliot to J. Despard Pemberton, 28 January 1861, providing permission to remain in England until the 12th or 15th of February, but advising that he was expected to have completed all work in progress by that time.
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I add the 15h, as there is an opportunity also on that date.
See explanatory Minute on his application.
TFE 26/1