Gibson and McPherson to Newcastle
Whitby, Upper Canada
5th September 1862 His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
Secretary of State for the Colonies

May it Please your Grace
We the undersigned intending to Emmagrate from Canada and Settle in British Columbia desire to purchase a Small tract of Land in that Colony, Say—Six hundred or one thousand Acres.
It is our intention to engage largely in the business of Farming and in the manufacture of Furniture and Agricultural Implements, for which businesses we learn after making the most careful inquiries there are most excellent openings. We are prepared to invest a large Capital in the above undertakings provided we can purchase a quantity of Land en bloc at a reasonable price.
On examining the Map of British Columbia, we are of the opinion that the Island of San Juan would be the most suitable place to locate the proposed Manufactures. We are quite prepared to accept such title as the Imperial Government can give to the Land on San Juan Island and are prepared to run all risks as regards the claim of the United States to the San Juan Island.
We Remain
Your Graces Most Obt Servants
James O. Gibson
Andrew McPherson
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Land Board. As to San Juan a decisive ansr can obviously be returned.
ABd 22 Sepr
I include draft of an answer, thro' Lord Monck.
TFE Sep 23
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Newcastle to Viscount Monck, 24 September 1862, forwarding copy of the letter and advising that the government could not consider selling any part of San Juan Island so long as right to the Island was in dispute, but forwarding information on other land available in British Columbia and Vancouver Island.