No. 101
Downing Street
2 June 1862
I have the honor to transmit to you copies of two letters which I have received from Mr. Edward E. Langford containing allegations affecting certain Government Officers in Vancouver Island and the administration of Justice in that Colony. I have to request that you will submit these statements to Mr. Cameron, Mr. Begbie and Mr. GoodtoManuscript image to whom they refer and that you will forward to me together with your own observations whatever explanations these gentlemen may have to offer on the subject.
Upon referring to your despatches in 1855 I find no allusion to the circumstances affecting Mr. Cameron as detailed in the enclosures to Mr. Langford's letter of the 21st May last. On this point I wish to receive a Report from you explaining how far this gentleman's antecedents were known to youandManuscript image and if they are correctly stated by Mr. Langford and his correspondents, how it happened that you took no notice of them, at the time you recommended him for the Acting Chief Justiceship.
I observe that this appointment when created was regarded by you as a mere temporary expedient and as I am of opinion that the time is approaching when it will be necessary that Vancouver Island should receive the services of a professional Judge; I shouldthereforeManuscript image therefore wish you to bring the question of making provision for his remuneration before the local Legislature.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant

Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Langford to Newcastle, 18 June 1861, accusing Douglas, Cameron, and Good of mistreating him following statements he made during the January 1860 Vancouver Island election.
Manuscript image
Langford to Newcastle, 21 May 1862, complaining about David Cameron.
Manuscript image
Reid to Langford, 11 November 1861, sharing what he knows of Cameron's financial affairs in Scotland.
Manuscript image
James C. Hitzler to Langford, 24 June 1861, stating that Cameron had petitioned to be judged insolvent on 28 January 1851, which the Supreme Court granted 28 April 1851, there being no opposition.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
Manuscript image

49 St. Paulo Road
Camden Square
May 21st 1862

My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to enclose to your Grace the Copy of a letter from the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Demerara, and also the copy of one from the Sheriff Clerk at Perth, giving information concerning Mr David Cameron the Chief Justice of VancouverIsalndManuscript imageIsland, who is one of the Officials whose conduct is complained of, in the statement which I had the honor to address to Your Grace on the 18th June last, which statement was placed in Your Grace's hands by Mr Charles W. Fitzwilliam
I have &c
(sig) Edward E. Langford
His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle K. G.
&c &c &c
Manuscript image
Dear Sir,
I have to apologize for not sooner answering yours of 10th Ultimo, but you will 〰 excuse the delay, when I tell you I have for the last few weeks been suffering from 〰 indisposition generally confined to the house and a good deal to bed, and so prevented from obtaining the information noted below. I cannot discover that D. Cameron obtained any more formal discharge from his 〰 creditors than is implied in the factManuscript imagefact that certain of his Creditors took Bills for his imposition.
By the Law of Scotland, although these Bills were dishonored when due, and so rendered the proceedings for recovery necessary which I showed you, that would not revive the 〰 original claim of the creditors to 20s/- per £.
Wm Cameron the Cousin has made thorough search for the acknowledgement by David of which he thought he was possessed, without being able to find it and I have not succeeded in finding any specimen of his 〰 handwritingManuscript image handwriting.
Mr Gray had nothing to do with the Bankrupt, nor with the 〰 Creditors, having only acted as Notary for the Banks at which the Bills fell due.
I find however that David has two brothers Charles and John Cameron, who 〰 carry on business as Bankers in London; their address is 16 Duke St Strand.
I regret that I am unable further to satisfy your enquiries and remain
& &
ArchD Reid
Perth, 11 November 1861