Langford to Newcastle
13 Mornington Crescent
Regents Park
April 27, 1863
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to request that I may be furnished with copies of any statements that may have been made by Mr Cameron, Mr Cary, Mr Begbie and Mr Good in reply to my charges against those officials, also with a copy of Governor Douglas's report in the matter.
Accompanying my letter of the 18th June 1861 to your Grace were some memorandaManuscript image (of which I now forward a copy), also several other documents of which I beg particularly to request that the undermentioned
The letter from Mr Langford [of] the 18th of [June] does not pro[fess] to send the enclosures [nor?] are they [included?]
EBP 29-4
may be returned to me, viz, office copy of bill of costs in the action Langford v. King and a letter dated 19th June 1860 applying for payment to Mr Cary.
I have the honor to remain
My Lord Duke
Your most obt humble Servant
Edward E. Langford
To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle K.G.
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
See minute on 3700. The documents Mr Langford requests may be returned [to] him—viz the office copy of the bill of Costs in the action at Law, & his Letter to Mr Cary of the 19 June/60—have not reached the Department.
Mr Langford's letters to us do not profess to enclose them.
ABd 29 Apl
Sir F. Rogers
This you will see, is from Mr Langford with whom you have corresponded. Besides asking for the return of his own papers, he applies for copies of the statements made in reply to him by the officers whom he denounced. This, I presume, will be refused?
TFE 29 April
Mr Fortescue
(Read what I have turned down on 3700 V.C.I.)
State that the Duke of Newcastle does not consider [it] necessary or advisable to furnish him with copies of any of the reports wh H.G. has received from the Colony with reference to his (Mr L's) letter of the 18th of June.
That it does not appear that that letter contained any enclosures and that the D of N cannot find that the documents for wh he applies were ever received in this [cut off microfilm]. (But great care must be taken to make sure [of] this).
I agree.
CF 1 May
Manuscript image
Mr Engleheart
Will you be so good as to look at Sir F. Roger's minute on this letter from Mr Langford.
The documents to which he refers have never reached the Department and were probably never sent to the office, but it is just possible that they may have been left here by Mr Fitzwilliams when he called upon the Duke. It is necessary to ascertain this before the proposed answer is sent to Mr Langford.
VJ 2 May 63
Mr Jadis
The Duke has no papers alleged to have been enclosed in Mr Langfords letter & has no recollection of any having been so [Acclued?].
GDE 5 May
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
List of documents relating to Langford's complaint, with amplification on certain points, no date, signed "E.E.L." Marked "In 4106."
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Fortescue to Langford, 7 May 1863, advising that the documents in question had never been received.