Pemberton to Newcastle
Victoria Hotel
Euston Square N.W.
28 August 1863
My Lord Duke
Referring to my letter to your Grace of the 6 August 63, stating in relation to the projected improvements in Victoria Harbor, the necessity of engaging working Engineers in this Country to construct in the Colony the Machines now being built at Limehouse and to work them afterward—stating also, that I have no written instructions authorizing me to enter into engagements which will entail an expense of £600 a year on the Colony—referring also to Your Grace's reply of the 13h August 63—I have the honor to suggest as follows, viz. That the Governor elect now in London, shall be authorized by Your Grace to inquire into and to sanction or otherwise the contemplated appointments.
I have the honor to be
Your Grace's most obedient
and most humble Servant
J. Despard Pemberton
Surveyor General
Vancouver Island Colony
To His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I think this Letter of Mr Pemberton, taken with the preceding one, looks very much like a desire on his part to shift the responsibility of the business—which he was specially sent home to transact—from his shoulders to those of any body else, who will assume it.
What can Mr Kennedy possibly know of the requirements of Victoria Harbor: & whether the Dredging machines selected by Mr Pemberton are suitable or not. And as to the men, who are to go out to work the machines, unless he is qualified, as Mr Pemberton I suppose is, to form some opinion as to their competency, Mr Kennedy surely will hardly venture to express an opinion abt them?
ABd 31 Augt
Mr Fortescue
I would send a copy to Govr Kennedy & would tell him that he can refer to the correspondence on the subject at this Office, & I would then leave it to him to judge whether he would undertake any superintendence & direction of Mr Pemberton's proceedings on the subject of the present letter. I would tell Mr Pemberton that Mr Kennedy has been asked to determine for himself whether he will undertake &c &c (same as above).
(I shd think Capn Kennedy will superintend: he is Govr & interested in the success.)
TFE 1 Sep
CF 3
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Rogers to Pemberton, 15 September 1863, advising that they had asked Kennedy whether he wished to superintend the proceedings.
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Rogers to Captain A.E. Kennedy, 15 September 1863, forwarding copies of Pemberton's correspondence and asking him to decide whether he wanted to superintend the proceedings.