2 February 1863
My dear Sir
At the request of Captain Prevost R.N. who was formerly a member of the Boundary Commission on your coasts, I have placed in the bag a letter from him to you about his son, who is going out to Vancouver's Island to seek his fortunes. This young man was a midshipman, and I am assured by Captain Prevost was steady and well conducted until unhappily he absconded from his ship at the Cape of Good Hope, and has in consequence been obliged to quit the service. I had no previous acquaintance with Mr. Prevost, but I know that he is highly respected in the Navy, and I need not say that readily offered him any little aid in myManuscript image power to trace out and recover his son. Beyond this I can say nothing of my own knowledge. If the young man should seem really well disposed, and derserving of it, I dare say that you will out of kindness and of regard for his father, endeavour to throw him into good hands and let him be guided into the sort of private enterprize best suited to his qualifications. I am bound to say that, so far as my judgment goes, he decidedly might not to receive any public appointment whatever.
I remain etc.
T.F. Elliot