No. 51
August 4th 1864
Referring to my Despatch No 47 dated 30th July 1864 by this Mail I have the honor to transmit copies of Reports from Mr Golledge, Acting Gold Commissioner at Sooke River, (20 miles west of Victoria) together with specimens which accompanied his last Report.
I have this day seen a verybeautifulManuscript image beautiful nugget, value $70, brought down last night by the man who dug it up and whose truth may be relied upon.
I yesterday sent up the Surveyor General to take such measures as may be necessary toward reserving Crown Lands for a Townsite and other public purposes, and I will immediately adopt such measures as may be necessary to insure order.
A large influx of people may be expected from the American Continent, but on this head I have noapprehensionsManuscript image apprehensions, my experience assuring me that they respect our Laws and are as manageable as Her Majesty's subjects.
Victoria is being rapidly emptied of its population and a few days more will leave those who must remain, without labourers or servants.
Several of the Police have already gone, and the remainder unless bribed by higher pay will speedily follow.
The importance of these discoveries may be estimated from the factthatManuscript image that the cost of provisions at Cariboo is from four hundred to six hundred per cent higher than they will probably be at Sooke.
I have the honor to be,
Your very obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
See 8755.
Copy to Land Board for infn.
I presume that this desph and 8755 shd be Acknowledged with the expression of Mr Cardwell's hope that the intelligence they convey may conduce to the development & prosperity of the Colony.
I think that we had better not shackle the Govt with our suggestions as to the drawing up of regulations for mining. He has plenty of materials at home in the shape of Laws & regulations made to suit British Columbia, & has only to refer to them as guides, if he requires it. In 1852, when gold was supposed to exist in Queen Charlotte Isld, a desph was written to Govr Douglas telling him generally how to proceed in gold matters; but since that period legislation in B. Columbia has taken place, which will be more modern & more useful to Govr Kennedy now.
ABd 19 Sepr
No doubt. So proceed.
FR 19/9
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Copy, Richard Golledge, Acting Gold Commissioner, to Acting Colonial Secretary, 31 July 1864, reporting on his proceedings at Sooke.
Manuscript image
Newspaper clippings, "Good News from Sooke," "The Sooke Diggings," "The Sooke Gold Commissioner's Official Report," etc., The British Colonist, 1 and 4 August 1864, and The Daily Chronicle, 4 August 1864.