No. 99
30th November 1864
1. I have the honor to transmit a copy of correspondence and Minutes of Council having reference to the suspension of Mr Richard Golledge, Acting Gold Commissioner.
2. I will shortly state the facts of this case.
3. On the discovery of gold atSookeManuscript image Sooke in the month of July last I found it necessary to despatch an officer without delay to act as Gold Commissioner. The limited staff of officers left me little choice, and I preferred selecting a gentleman already in the public service rather than trust an unknown and untried one.
4. Mr Richard Golledge, Chief Clerk in the Treasury was quite competent as an accountant, had been for some years in the employment of the Hudson Bay Company, and I was informed had acted asPrivateManuscript image Private Secretary to my Predecessor by whom he was appointed to the Clerkship in the Treasury. With these qualifications I offered Mr Golledge the acting appointment of Gold Commissioner.
5. Mr Golledge continued to hold this appointment till rumours reached me that he was leading an intemperate and disreputable life, addicted to drink and prostitutes.
6. I directed inquiries to be made, and ascertained that Mr Golledge's loose living was a matterofManuscript image of public notoriety.
7. I caused Mr Golledge to be informed that charges of drunkenness and immorality were alleged against him in the letter herewith dated 21st November 1864. Mr Golledge's reply will be found dated 21st November 1864. I thereupon called Mr Golledge before the Executive Council, and the evidence herewith was given and recorded in his presence on the 23rd November.
8. The Acting Attorney General and the Treasurer being of opinion that it was not sufficient tojustifyManuscript image justify Mr Golledge's suspension, Mr Golledge was again summoned to attend before the Council on the 29th November 1864 when the further evidence herewith was given in his presence.
9. Mr Golledge had been duly summoned to attend the Council at 11 o'clock A.M. but did not arrive till 11.30.
10. The evidence being completed and Mr Golledge directed to withdraw, I put the question to the Council whether Mr Golledge was then sober, and you willobserveManuscript image observe from the Minutes (page 55) that they unanimously decided that he was not.
11. This decision, the correctness of which cannot be doubted, of course rendered further proceeding unnecessary, and I have therefore suspended Mr Golledge from pay and duty pending your decision.
12. I have made careful inquiries regarding Mr Golledge's antecedents, which leave little doubt in my mind that he has been for a long time addicted to drunken and dissolute habits of life,andManuscript image and that his want of personal respectability wholly disqualifies him for any place in the public service.
13. In conclusion I may add that each and all of those who have given evidence against Mr Golledge are highly respectable persons and above any suspicion of untruth or bad animus against him.
14. I have invited Mr Golledge to make any statement or defence he sees necessary in writing which I will transmit in a separateDespatchManuscript image Despatch if received in time for the next Mail.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Approve the suspension of Mr Golledge, & authorize dismissal of him from the Colonial Service.
ABd 13 Feby
Mr Blackwood
I should wait until the receipt of the next mail in order to see whether Mr Golledge will by that time have offered a further defence. If not, I should answer as above proposed. Wait one mail.
TFE 14/2
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Copy, Henry Wakeford, Acting Colonial Secretary, to Richard Golledge, Acting Gold Commissioner, 21 November 1864, stating that word had been received of his disreputable conduct, and giving him an opportunity to defend himself.
Manuscript image
Copy, Golledge to Wakeford, 21 November 1864, giving the reports of his misconduct a "distinct denial."
Manuscript image
Extract of Minutes of the Executive Council, 23 November 1864, recording the initial interview with Golledge and the evidence submitted by witnesses, signed by Wakeford (thirteen pages).
Manuscript image
Extract of Minutes of the Executive Council, 29 November 1864, recording the second interview with Golledge and completing the evidence against him, signed by Wakeford (eleven pages).
  1. Mr. Golledge has not offered any statement of defence up to this date. 8th December 1864 -
    A.E. Kennedy
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