Macfie to Under-Secretary of State
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Stoke Newington London
13th December 1864 To the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies

I have recently returned to this country after a residence of five years in the above Colonies, as agent of "the British Colonial Missionary Society," and am now Engaged in preparing a book containing Classified information respecting their resources collected during the period referred to.
I have already had opportunities of perusing all Parliamentary documents relating to these Colonies that were published to the close of 1862. As my work is intended to be a faithful account of the Condition and Prospects I am anxious that it should contain the most recent information. I have applied for the blue books referring to Vancouver Island, and British Columbia, that have been published, since the close of 1862, at the London Institution and British Museum but these documents I was informed had not been received there.
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As the forthcoming volume is designed for the public it will, it is hoped, be of service to those distant parts of the Empire. May I respectfully beg that you will do me the favor of allowing me to examine at the Colonial Office or grant me facility to peruse elsewhere the official papers relating to these Colonies published since the close of 1862? May I also request Permission to obtain a copy of the photographs of the Sooke Gold mining district which I understand have been sent to the Colonial Office by Governor Kennedy of Vancouver Island within the last few months?
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant
Matt Macfie

Address Rev. Matthew Macfie
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This gentleman called here and asked to see any Report from the Govr on the Sooke gold Mines, or any diagrams or plans of the Mines. I explained to him that I was not at liberty to shew him any public documents—that there were no plans of the Mines sent over, but merely photographs of the Gold districts. Nothing has been printed since 1862.
VJ 17 Decr
I should ackge his letter and express regret that as no papers relating to Vancouver Island and British Columbia have been laid before Parliament since 1862, Mr Cardwell has no means of supplying him with any of later date than those which he has already seen. The Photographs (it should add) to which he alludes consist merely of landscapes which it is not in Mr Cardwell's power to present to any private person for the purpose of publication.
TFE 19 Decr
I wd send him a civil reply saying that there wd be [any disputin?] to shew him anything that cd be properly be communicated.
EC 24
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Elliot to Macfie, 9 January 1865, explaining that while they would have been glad to afford access to information on the colonies, no new statistical data had been received since 1862, and declining to forward the photographs, with explanation.
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Mr Jadis
Mr Cardwell has seen and approved this. It will be well to despatch it pretty soon.
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