Pease to Colonial Office
Allow me to ask whether the Colonial Office has or can obtain any information respecting the case stated in the papers herewith which I shall be obliged by being returned when not required.
I am respectfully
Henry Pease
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
We have no official information respecting this case; and the local Newspapers have been searchedManuscript image but with no success. We can only therefore send copies of the enclosures to the Govr and ask him to make the necessary enquiry?
VJ 29 April
Draft—& tell the applicant. Draft also.
TFE 30/4
See further Minute annexed.
VJ 2 May
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Mr Elliot
Since the above Minutes were written later Van Couver Island Papers have arrived, giving an account of the accident by which the Policeman Currey was killed & of the Coroners Inquest. Instead therefore of writing to the Governor send the Newspaper to Mr Pease, returning the enclosures in his letter as requested.
VJ 2 May
Mr Jadis
Will you so proceed.
TFE 2 May
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Elliot to Pease, 4 May 1864, enclosing a newspaper from Vancouver Island "containing an account of the accident by which John Curry, a Policeman, was killed, and of the proceedings of the Coroners Inquest."
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