No. 21, Financial
27th April 1864
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to transmit a printed copy of the Annual Estimates for 1864, as voted by the Legislative Assembly.
2. You will observe that the Salaries for all the Officers contained in the civil List proposed by Your Grace, in Your despatch of 15th June 1864, have been struck out.
3. My Predecessor has already issued the necessary warrant authorizing the Treasurer to pay the Salaries of these Officers, (at the old rate)outManuscript image out of the Crown Revenues accruing in his hands, and I have now to request Your Grace's Authority for the payment of these Salaries at the increased rate laid down in your despatch above adverted to.
4. The whole Staff of the Colonial Secretary's Office consists of one clerk; and the Governor is wholly without clerical assistance of any kind. I have, under these circumstances, been compelled to employ a Gentleman as my Private Secretary, and I would request your Graces authority to pay him at the rate of £300 or £350. per annum out of the Crown Revenues of the Colony. The latter sum, having regard to the very high costofManuscript image of living, is in my opinion, the minimum upon which a gentleman can exist.
5. I will draw my own Salary from the same source till I receive Your Graces instructions.
6. I may in conclusion add that judging from the Public feeling, and recent proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, I entertain little doubt that Your Grace's proposition in regard to the Civil List will be finally accepted and the necessary Salaries voted.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces very obedient
humble Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
If Sir Jas. Douglas has issued his Warrant for the payment of the officials, whose salaries are struck out by the Assembly, out of the Crown Revenue, Governor Kennedy will be placed in a most embarassing position, for enough money will not remain for his own complete payment.
My opinion is in favor of standing by the terms of the S.S. despatch of 30 April, & telling him to pay himself and his Colonial Secy—leaving the salaries of the rest to be voted or not by the Assly.
ABd 13 June
But we must not forget the necessity of a Private Secretary. I should certainly authorize the Governor, as he asks, to pay that Officer also out of the proceeds of the Crown lands, so long as there are any funds available from that source.
TFE 14 June
I agree.
CF 15
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"Colony of Vancouver Island. Estimates for the Year 1864."