No. 32
Downing Street
15th August 1864
I have had under my consideration your Despatches named in the margin.

Separate, 14th April 1864
No. 13, " " "
No. 21, 27th " "
Separate, 5th May "
The questions raised in them about the salaries of the Officers in the Civil List, proposed in June 1863, have been settled for the present by my Despatches 4 of the 30th of April and 26th of the 1st Instant. ButwhenManuscript image when I authorized the payment of £3,600 to the Governor and the Colonial Secretary I had not been informed that your Predecessor had already directed the Treasurer to pay out of Crown Revenue the other Salaries in the Civil List at the old rates, amounting to £2,020. You will distinctly understandthatManuscript image that all payments which have been or can be sanctioned, must be within the amount which the Crown Revenue will be sufficient to meet, until such time as proper provision shall be made by the Colonial Legislature for payment from other Colonial resources.
As to the remaining questions your requests to be allowed a privateSecretaryManuscript image Secretary and house rent, and to be reimbursed such hotel expenses as you may have been put to for want of a residence, are in their nature reasonable, but so far as appears at present the payments already authorized are as great as the Crown Revenue will suffice to meet, and I regret therefore my inability to sanctionanyManuscript image any further charge upon that Revenue without being assured of its adequacy to bear it.
I have to request that you will lose no time in transmitting the fullest information in your power.
As to the crown Revenue i.e. the Balance now in hand—the payments which by reason of Contracts already entered into arecertainManuscript image certain to be made to the Crown—and the estimated receipts from future land sales and other sources if any, and also assuming British Columbia to be unwilling to enter into the arrangement for a reunion, as to the prospect of your Legislature's making proper provision for the future conduct of the Government.
WithManuscript image
With reference to the 9th paragraph of your Despatch marked Separate of the 5th of May, I have to observe that the Revenue which has not been surrendered by the Crown to the Legislature is not applicable as General Revenue, and for the proper mode of treating it I would refer youtoManuscript image to my Despatch No. 27 of the 1st Instant.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Edward Cardwell
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