Walcott to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
23rd October 1865
I have to acknowledge your letter of 14th inst with a copy of a despatch from the Governor of Vancouvers Island transmitting for the signature of the Archbishop of Canterbury a Deed authorizing the Bishop of Columbia to occupy as a residence a portion of the Church Lands in that Colony.
2. It will be remembered that by an Indenture dated 6th May 1864 certain lands in Victoria known asManuscript image the "Church Reserve" and containing nearly 22 1/2 acres, were conveyed to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Columbia and the Governor for the time being of Vancouvers Island as Trustees for certain religious & scholastic purposes in connection with the Church of England.
3. Amongst the Trusts was one empowering the Trustees to allow the Bishop and his Successors to occupy a portion of the lands as a residence. It was also provided that any two of the Trustees, with the consent of the Bishop, might transfer the site of the Episcopal Residence to any other part of the Trust lands not exceeding in the whole 2 acres.
Manuscript image
4. It appears that a portion of the ground originally intended for the Episcopal residence has been set apart for a road, and a corresponding portion of Land has been taken from the adjoining Trust Lands and added to the residential portion with the consent of the Bishop. The present Deed, which has been already executed by the Governor and Bishop, is to authorize the Bishop and his Successors to occupy the piece of Land therein described, including the substituted portion, as the site of the Espiscopal residence.
5. I am not aware of any objection to the transaction, and have only to suggest that the Deed shouldManuscript image be submitted to the Legal advisers of the Archbishop of Canterbury, with a request that if no objection is raised in that quarter, the Deed may be executed by His Grace and returned to the Secretary of State for transmission to Governor Kennedy and the Bishop of Columbia.
6. I presume that the Deed in original is now at the Colonial Office.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient
Humble Servant
S. Walcott
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Sir F. Rogers
Proceed as suggested?
ABd 24 Oct
At once.
FR 24/10
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Rogers to Messrs. Burder and Dinning, 28 October 1865, forwarding the deed for the signature of the Archbishop of Canterbury.