Jarman to Cardwell
2 Cowley Street
Westminster Abbey
28th July 1865
I have the honor to request that you will cause Enquiries to be made at Victoria Vancouvers Island about my son Charles Orriss Haining whom I have not heard of for more than 2 years. He went from London 3 years ago in the Ship Frigate Birch to Victoria and when he arrived out there he was employed at various things but when he wrote me last he was serving behind a Spirit bar, in a Saloon, and he described this place as being one of great risk to his personal safety, and as I have not heard ofManuscript image him for more than 2 years I [cannot] but fear something sad has befallen him. I always addressed his letters to be left at the post office till called for at Victoria. He was 21 years of age this July, and [was] induced to go to Victoria only from the very favourable reports respecting this Colony that he read in the newspapers.
I beg leave to subscribe myself with
all possible deferences
your very obedient Servant
Hannah Jarman

To The Rt Honble
Edward Cardwell M.P.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Ask the Governor to cause enquiries to be instituted on this subject: & inform the writer.
It seems that no steps have been taken, as has been the case in most other Colonies, for inviting the Governors of V.C. Island and B. Columbia, to state to whom private persons in this Country may be told to write for informtion about their friends in the Colonies.
I would suggest that the copy of the Circular of 16 Apl/62 & 25 July/60 be sent to the Govrs of V.C.I. & B.C., & that they be requested to say what help they can afford in such cases.
ABd 4 Augt
I think so. At once.
FR 4/8
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Mrs. Jarman, 12 August 1865, advising that the governor had been asked to enquire into the whereabouts of her son.
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 38, 11 August 1865.