No. 9, Financial
8th February 1866
Continuing the subject of my Despatch No 7 dated 30th January 1866 by this Mail, I am enabled, in consequence of the detention of the Mail Steamer by stress of weather, to transmit further papers containing my Message to the Legislative Assembly in reference to their action on the annual Estimates submitted to them, andtheManuscript image the proceedings of the Assembly thereon.
I will not on the present occasion trouble you with any lengthened remarks on a subject as yet incomplete, though I deem it my duty to keep you informed of my own proceedings that I may receive your instructions and be corrected if I have fallen into any error of judgment.
I will not attempt to analyse the debate now submitted to you. It must be read to be appreciated. The desire of the Assembly to legislateandManuscript image and govern without reference to the other branches of the Legislature is very clear.
The impossibility of conciliating the present majority of the House or of removing their non-existent grievances is too apparent, short of the surrender of all it is my duty to guard into the hands of a few I fear very unscrupulous men. One of the leaders of this party is already known to the authorities at the Colonial Office.
By what process the AssemblywillManuscript image will rectify the state of the finances is not very clear, but the proposal to abolish the real estate tax and lower the rate of licences to sell liquor in a small town where there are 85 public houses and when the receipts from these sources form the bulk of the present Revenue, seems to me a very insane proceeding, the more expecially coupled with the proposition for effecting a loan which I feel confident could notbeManuscript image be obtained, and which I am sure the other Branch of the Legislature would not sanction. I do not believe in the probability or possibility of carrying these measures—I apprehend they are put forward at this time solely with a view to obtain popularity among the classes whose interests they affect, and that purpose once served the matter will be left as it is.
I enclose a printed copy of the annual Estimates, and a manuscript copy of the Estimates asamendedManuscript image amended by the Assembly in which many Resolutions on various subjects are embodied—and also a Statement showing the additions made to the Estimates by the Legislative Assembly.
I have only in conclusion to express a hope that on a perusal of these documents you will be of opinion that I have not resisted these encroachments before it became my duty to do so, and that I have not been wantinginManuscript image in courtesy and forbearance in my communications with the Legislative Assembly.
In perusing the debates which I enclose I would remark that Mr De Cosmos M.L.A. is owner, and Mr McClure M.L.A., editor of the "Brtish Colonist" newspaper.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
See minute of 12 April with 3765.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Kennedy to Legislative Assembly, 2 February 1866, unnamed newspaper clipping, responding negatively to amendments to the estimates for 1866.
Manuscript image
Printed copy of Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 1866. submitted to the Legislative Assembly, including an address from the governor, dated 20 December 1865.
Manuscript image
Copy of the estimates showing the alternations of the Legislative Assembly, transmitted to the governor 30 January 1866 (eighteen pages).
Manuscript image
Statements showing the votes increased by the Legislative Assembly and those originated by them in Estimates for Expenditure for 1866.
Manuscript image
Newspaper clipping, Daily Chronicle, 8 February 1866, reporting the debate on the estimates for 1866.