No. 55, Separate
3rd August 1866
1. I have the honor to transmit the Blue Book of this Colony for the year 1865.
2. The delay which has occurred in the preparation of this Blue Book is in some degree owing to the want of sufficient clerical assistance.
3. The circumstances of the Colony during the year 1865 weresuchManuscript image such as do not call for much comment in addition to the observations made in my Despatch No 73, 24th August 1865 in which I transmitted the Blue Book for 1864.
4. Under this head an equalization, and in some instances an increase, of Port and Harbour Dues and Trade Licences have resulted in an increase of receipts. The Salaries Tax was imposed in 1865.
5. TheManuscript image
5. The receipts for Liquor Licences continue to be very considerable in proportion to the population.
6. A Statement of the Crown Revenue is given separately from the General Revenue. The increase under the heads of Real Estate Tax and Victoria City Tax arose from the collection of arrears, and that under the head of Port and Harbour DuesasManuscript image as already explained in paragraph 4 of this Despatch. The increase under the head of postage arises from the receipts for the sale of foreign stamps being now for the first time brought to account. The inclusion of the Bank Account swells the figures of Revenue beyond the amount strictly available as such.
7. The Expenditure is in like manner apparently increased bytheManuscript image the Bank account being included. Many of the items of increase and decrease in the Expenditure may be accounted for by the classification of the details differing somewhat from that adopted in 1864.
8. The estimate of the population (exclusive of Aborigines), 6000, compared with 8000 estimated for 1864, shows a decrease of 2000. Any falling off in the population may have arisen to some extentfromManuscript image from the restlessness of a large portion of it, and from its susceptibility of influences including change of abode. Depression in trade and the want of progress in the settlement of the Island owing to the peculiar condition of matters relating to Crown Lands, may also have tended to a reduction of the population. I should state, however, that I regard this estimate of the decrease of the population with great doubt.
9. TheManuscript image
9. The decrease in the Imports may be attributed to similar causes.
10. I may remark in conclusion that during the year 1865, from circumstances with which you are fully acquainted, the state of this Colony may be regarded as one of expected transition rather than of progress, although the Colony contains within itself the elements of substantial prosperity.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
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Mr Elliot
The closing words are comforting. Print as usual with the Reports on the Blue Books.
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ABd 18 Sep
N.B. The Crown Fund for /65
amounted in net rectsto
£4232.2. 6
due to it
5474.7. 5
TFE 18/9
CBA 19/9
C 21 Sep
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