Hammond to Under-Secretary of State
December 21 1866
I am directed by Lord Stanley to request that you will acquaint the Earl of Carnarvon, with reference to your letter of the 9th of October, that he has no objection to the despatch to the Governor of Vancouver Island of which you inclose a Draft, respecting the proceedings of the Consul of the United States in causing salutes to be fired in honor of the anniversary of the declaration of AmericanIndependenceManuscript image Independence.
Lord Stanley doubts indeed whether it is worth while to lay down such precise and minute rules in a matter of so little moment; but he entirely concurs in the concluding paragraph of the Draft.
Upon the whole it seems to Lord Stanley that it would be quite sufficient to tell the Governor that there can be no objection to the United States Consul celebrating the anniversary as he likes, provided the public peace is not broken.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
E. Hammond
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Sir F. Rogers
Is the draft to proceed—or is it to be altered in consequence of the last par: of this letter?
VJ 22 Decr
Probably Lord Carnarvon will be of opinion that as the F.O. agrees in substance, the form is a matter for the consn of the C.O. & consequently that this shd go on as it stands.
FR 24/12
Yes—I agree. Dft to proceed.
C 25 Dec
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