Sproat to Under-Secretary of State

From G.M. Sproat, Californian Merchant, London
12 Billiter Street, E.C.
21st October 1866 The Under Secretary for the Colonies London
As a large shipper to Vancouver Island, and likely to be affected by the imposition of duties at Victoria in the event of the Union of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, I beg to ask whether such a union has taken place—and when it is likely the British Columbian Tariff will apply to imports into the hitherto Free Port of Victoria.
I am Sir
Yours obedly
G.M. Sproat
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Sir F. Rogers
Ansr that according to the provision therein contained the Act for the Union of V.C.I. with B.C. is not appointed to take effect until after the proclamation of the Act by the Governor. The Governor having left this Country in the middle of Sepr last it has been impossible that the Act should yet have been proclaimed.
As the time when the B.C. tariff will apply to V.C.I. I think we had better hazard no conjecture but express LordManuscript image Carnarvon's regret that it is not in his power, at present, to give the writer any information.
ABd 24 Octr
Draft accordingly—sending copy of Act.
FR 24/10
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Colonial Office to Sproat, 29 October 1866, forwarding copy of the Act of Union in answer to his enquiries, with additional explanation.