Fraser River District
Today, the lands on and around the Fraser River are represented in two districts: the Regional District of Fraser-Cheam,1 to the south, and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George,2 to the north.
During the late 1850s gold rush, however, these districts appear less defined, for example, this correspondence inquires as to the present state of the various Districts of Fraser's River, and this draft of a warrant, enclosed with this correspondence, and which appoints Douglas as Governor of Her majesty's Territories and Possessions in North America, includes the Fraser's River Territory in its list of possessions.
In its most general sense, and as this correspondence suggests, these Mining Districts denoted the lands, sites, and bars worked for gold along the Fraser, chiefly, between Hope and Yale, and through the Fraser Canyon. In 1858, it is thought that at least 30,000 gold seekers of various backgrounds, national and otherwise, swarmed the Fraser region in search of auriferous reward.3
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