Pemberton, Augustus Frederick
b. 1808(?)
d. 1891-10-19
Augustus Frederick Pemberton was born near Dublin, Ireland and trained to be a lawyer before emigrating to Vancouver Island in 1855.1 He was appointed Chief Commissioner of Police and Justice of the Peace by Governor Douglas in 1858 and quickly expanded and professionalized the police force in Victoria.2 He also served as a judge and was a member of British Columbia's Legislative Council from 1868 to 1871.3 Pemberton was personally well connected in the colonies: Joseph Despard Pemberton was his nephew, and Chartres Brew was his brother-in-law. After Pemberton's death in 1891 at the age of eighty-four, Victoria's Daily Colonist newspaper wrote next to Governor Douglas, there is no man to whom the country is more indebted for starting on a law-abiding career than to the late honorable gentleman.4
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