Tory, 1834
According to this despatch, Tory sailed from England to Vancouver Island, arriving in June, 1851. On board were aproximately 120 people, mostly employees of the Hudson's Bay Company and their families. Included in this group were Edward E. Langford, James Cooper, and Mr. Blenkhorne.
Parker, John to Peel, Sir Frederick 28 November 1851, CO 305:3, no. 10075, 215 notes that the Tory's journey to Victoria took seven months. According to Moresby, the colonists, the greater part being servants of the Hudson's Bay Company, were brought to the island to establish farms in Victoria, Esquimalt, and Metchosin.
This Tory is not to be confused with the barque of the same name that carried settlers to New Zealand in 1841. This latter ship was owned by the New Zealand Company and was wrecked in the Philipines on January 23rd, 1841.1
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