Storks to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
1 December 1858
I am directed by Secretary Major General Peel to transmit to you, for the consideration of Secretary Sir Edward Lytton, the accompanying copy of a letter from the Admiralty, with its enclosure from Messrs Shaw, Savill & Co, asking, for the reasons assigned, permission to postpone until the end of the present Month, the sailing of the "Euphrates," charged with the conveyance to Vancouver's Island of the remaining portion of the Detachment of Royal Engineers and Stores for British Columbia.
Major General Peel requests to be informed what answer Sir Edward Lytton would wishManuscript image to be returned to this application.
I have etc.
H.K. Storks
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The Govt. Stores on board the "Euphrates" consist chiefly of provisions in the second years consumption, and seven men of the Detachment also go by the same Vessel. She was to have sailed about the 30th Ulto. & the Owners now ask for a months delay to enable them to load her.
VJ 2 Decr
Lord Carnarvon
I suppose we may comply.
TFE 2 Decr
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Yes. Annex draft.
C D 2
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Draft, Merivale to Under-Secretary, War Office, 11 December 1858, agreeing to postpone the sailing of the Euphrates for one month.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Charles Richards, Admiralty, to Under-Secretary of State, War Office, 29 November 1858, transmitting letter from Shaw, Saville, and Company.
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Shaw, Savill, and Company, to Comptroller of Transport Services, 27 November 1858, reporting they needed more time to load vessel and requesting one month's postponement of sailing.