Hawes to Under-Secretary of State
18 December 1858
With reference to your letter of the 2nd Instant, 1 transmitting for the consideration of the Secretary of State for War, the copy of a Letter from the Bishop Designate of British Columbia proposing that a Military Chaplain should be sent out to that Colony: I am directed by Secretary Major General Peel to acquaint you that having carefullyreconsideredManuscript image reconsidered the question, he is unable to find any grounds for modifying the opinion expressed in the letter from this Office of the 12 August last. 2
I have etc.
B. Hawes
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
I presume this decision of the War Dept. will be communicated to the Bishop?
VJ 20 Decr
HM D 20
Adding that Sir E. Lytton regrets to communicate it &c. Annex dt.
C D 21
  1. A draft of this letter appears in Hills to Lytton, 19 November 1858, 11896, CO 60/2, p. 678.
  2. = WO-CO, 12 Aug 58, chaplain .FIND WO-CO, 12 Aug 58 re chaplain.
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