Gosset to Colonial Office

It would be well to send out the following stores for the Treasury [of] New Columbia by a vessel now loading; and Colonel Moody has kindly consented to procure them on his order should this proposal be approved.
Iron safe or Safes
Banker's or Mint Scales
Ledgers, Bankers' paper and a few
minor articles of ordinary use
A small quantity of plain fitments
As may be selected

And, if a Stamp duty be contemplated, Dies should be ordered at once as Engraving the designs (depending on the rates to be established) takes some time. The presses might go at once. If Registration of assurances affecting Real PropertyManuscript image be intended, deed paper of uniform size should also be provided forthwith; the essence of success in the introduction of Registration being in the adoption of this system at once, before deeds shall have time to multiply without regard to any system moreover as Registration (if adopted) can be made a source of Revenue, it would of course be desirable to secure the advantages of those many transactions and transfers which the eagerness of speculation will produce atManuscript image the very outset of the Colonization. The Treasurer being usually the vendor of Stamps, I have ventured these remarks.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir E. Lytton has spoken to me on the matters embraced in this mem. Annex draft to Col. Moody stating that Capt Gossett has brought the question under his consideration and that he is willing to sanction the purchase of dies designs & other engraving implements for the purpose of registration together with a moderate amount of stationery; but that he does not consent to the expenditure wh wd be necessary for the event of an iron safe being procured. We must also I think require Col. Moody to specify in detail the various items & cost of what he asks for in order to make an application to the Treasury.
This I suppose is the correct mode of proceeding?
C Oct 13
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Draft, Elliot to Comptroller of Stationery, 22 October 1858, forwarding list of articles required and stating that Gosset would arrange directly for a moderate supply of stationery.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Blackwood
I understand it is not intended to send out the Dies for Stamps.
The best mode of paying [for] the Stationery will be to let them send their acct here & for us to get the money from the Treasury.
Lord Carnarvon
I explained to CaptnManuscript image Gossett the later view taken by Sir Edward—viz that it was better to wait until Captn G. reached the Colony, and had conferred with the Governor before receiving expenses on acct of a Mint.
It is, therefore, only necessary to supply the registration papers, whereby, amongstManuscript image other advantages expected from it's use, an early revenue is hoped to be derived.
ABd 19 Octr
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to Gosset, 22 October 1858, advising that only stationery would be supplied at present, and that he should obtain from the Comptroller of Stationery a list of necessary supplies and estimated costs.