Hills to Lytton
23 Upper Berkeley St
Portman Sqe
Nov 19, 1858
As future Bishop of British Columbia 1 my attention is anxiously directed to the spiritual wants of the Colony.
2. I find that a considerable body of Engineers have been sent out, and I venture respectfully to represent the great desirability of a Military Chaplain being sent out also.
3. Such a body, numbering I believe 200, would in no place in England be left without some spiritual care: much more is this necessary in a country where there is at present no provision whatever even for the inhabitants, and where for some time it must be scantyManuscript image and dependant upon voluntary effort.
4. In a new Colony composed of such peculiar elements it is highly important that a good tone should be established at the first, whereas the instance of troops sent out by the mother country without apparent regard for their religious interest might encourage apathy upon matters of highest civilization.
5. It is likely I presume there will be some other force, of a militia kind, who will need the services of a Chaplain at stated periods at least. The presence also of a Military Chaplain as an authorityManuscript image and example of what is done at home may materially influence the feeling of the Colony as to such arrangements afterwards.
6. The presence of no less than 50,000 Native Indians will require on the part of the white population a degree of forbearance and consideration hardly to be maintained except through the frequent inculcation of their principles.
Trusting this subject may be deemed worthy of your attention, as it does most anxiously occupy my own.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your vy obedt Sert
Geo. Hills

The Rt Hon Sir E.B. Lytton Bt
H.M. S. of S. for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
The appointment of a Military Chaplain in B. Columbia rests of course with the Secretary of State for War, but if Sir E. Lytton concurs in the proposal, it should I presume be recommended officially to the War Office?
VJ 20 N
Lord Carnarvon
See 11874. 2
TFE 22/11
Lord Carnarvon
It will be seen from the annexed correspondence (of which I was not aware when I minuted this) that it was at first proposed by the Inspector-General of Fortifications to send out a Chaplain with the Detachment, but that the War Office overruled it, as unnecessary under the circumstances. See 2d paragraph of their letter 8382. 3
VJ 22 N
I wd send this letter from Mr Hills to the W.O. with reference to former correspondence, leaving the decision to Genl Peel and inform Mr Hills of what has been done?
C Nov 23
Yes. Write to Bp meanwhile that his wish that his eccll authority shd for the present extend over Vancouver has been attended to.
EBL Novr 26
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to J.R. Godley, War Office, 2 December 1858, forwarding copy of the letter for consideration, and referring to previous correspondence on the subject.
Manuscript image
Draft, Carnarvon to Hills, 2 December 1858, stating his letter had been referred to the War Office for consideration.
Manuscript image
Draft, Merivale to Hills, 28 December 1858, advising the Secretary of State for War had decided not to appoint a military chaplain.
  1. George Hills was consecrated Bishop of Columbia in Westminster Abbey on ?? 1859.
  2. Burdett Coutts to Lytton, 17 November 1858, 11874, CO 60/2, p. 676.
  3. War Office to Colonial Office, 17 August 1858, CO 6/26, p. ?? NEED TO GET
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Jadis, Vane

Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

Merivale, Herman

Peel, Jonathan

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