San Francisco Upper California
4th May, 1858.
To the Right Honourable Lord Stanley
Secretary of State for the Colonies
My Lord
Deeming it probably that owing to the recent important gold discoveries made in the Territory bordering on the Pacific now occupied by the Hudson Bay Company, that the Colonial office might desire more precise information as to the value of those regions not only in
1Ansd 22 June 58
a mineral but also in an agricultural point of view, I respectfully submit my pretensions to your Lordship for the purpose of expecting such a Commission —
The accompanying copy of testimonials I think will afford evidence sufficient, of my capacity as an agriculturist — For general engineering I beg respectfully to refer to Mr R. Stephenson M. P., who is also acquainted with my special knowledge of mining & mineralogy — Should your Lordship consider such a survey would be of service, I shall be happy to make one on the following terms namely £500 for expenses and £500 on handing in my report.
I remain Your Lordships
Most obedient Servant
Thomas Rowlandson
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Mr Merivale
Thank the writer for his offer, & say that a note shall be made of it, though there is not at present […] much probability of that H. M. Govt will be able to employ him in the capacity he suggests.
15 June.
HM June 15
Annex Draft
CJune 15th
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5689 N America.
22 June 58 Thomas Rowlandson Eqe
I am directed by Secretary Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton
to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th
2 Minute 1858 June
Mr. Jadis 18
Mr. Merivale 18
Lord Carnarvon 19
of May, and to express his thanks for the offer of your services to
for signature
procure information as to the value, in a mineral & agricultural point of view, of the Territory in British North America in which the recent Gold discoveries have been made.
I am to add that a note will be made ofManuscript image your offer, though there is not at present much probability that H. M.’s Govt will be able to employ you in the capacity you suggest.
I have
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Stephenson, Robert

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