Godley to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
4 March 1859
With reference to your letter of the 17th Ultimo, regarding the advance of £800 made to Messrs Cox & Co. by the Treasury on account of the Officers of the British Columbian Expedition, I am directed by Secretary Major General Peel to acquaint you that credit has been given for that amount by Colonel Moody in the first account rendered by him. The amount has thus been brought to accountManuscript imageaccount in this office, and as it will in due course be wholly claimed by the Commissioners of Audit, on behalf of the Treasury Chest, it does not appear that any steps in regard thereto are at present necessary.
I have etc.
J.R. Godley
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Mr Merivale
£800 were advanced from the Treasury Chest to Colonel Moody for the Engineers of which part is to be repaid by the War Dept. and part by this Office. Our share will be repaid out of the vote to be taken for B. Columbia, and by our letter of 17 Ulto we asked the War Department to pay their share from army funds. They prefer however to let the whole payment stand over till claimed by the Audit Commrs when Each office will pay its proportion of it.
I see no objection to this but send copy of this letter to Manuscript imageTreasury, with reference to our letter of the 7th Ultimo, to guard against any mistake in the matter.
HT Irving 7 March
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HM Mh 8
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Merivale to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 14 March 1859, enclosing copy of War Department letter for information.