Hawes to Under-Secretary of State
War Office,
Pall Mall, S.W.
14 April 1859
With reference to your Letter of the 23rd March and the reply to the same of the 11th Inst.:
I am directed by Secretary Major-General Peel to acquaint you that in giving directions for the supply of Stores to replace those lost in the "Briseis," the Cases &c specified in the enclosed List appear to have been shipped in transit from other persons and their contents are either unknown or, from the description given, appear to be private property.
Previously to adopting any measures forManuscript imagefor replacing these Stores, I am directed to request you will submit the subject for the consideration of the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
I am etc.
B. Hawes
Minutes by CO staff
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Lord Carnarvon
I fear it is impossible for the public to charge itself with the expense of replacing articles which were the property of private persons on board the unfortunate Briseis.
The things whh I have bracketed Major Cooke says were public property. When we write to the War Office to order the replacement of the lost articles include these.
ABd 16 April
Put this by till we hear from the Treasury as to the general question referred there.
C Apl 16
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4 New Street, Spring Gardens
15th April 1859
My dear Sir,
All the Articles you have bracketed in pencil were public property, as far as can be known. Of the Printing Press and Furnace Bars there is no doubt, & there were more than the amount specified of cases from Messrs Pratt & Sewel containing Government Property, of course in the absence of knowledge of their contents it is impossible to say more. The number of Casks agrees with those shipped for the Government.
Very truly yours
A. Cooke
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List of stores lost on board the Briseis.
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