Cairns to Lytton
Lincolns Inn
17 Feb 1859
With reference to Lord Carnarvon's Letter of the 15th I beg to suggest the name of Mr George H. Cary of Lincoln's Inn as a Gentleman well qualified for the appointment of Attorney General of Manuscript imageBritish Columbia on the terms mentioned by Lord Carnarvon. Mr Cary was called to the Bar in 1854, & has since practised regularly & with some success in the Equity Courts. He was formerly a pupil in my Chambers, & I have a very high opinion of his ability and energy.
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[P.S.] I ought to add that I have ascertained that Mr Cary will accept the office.

Right Hon Sir E.B. Lytton Bart MP &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Proceed with the appointment. Write ansr to Mr Cary—& inform the Govr.
ABd 24 Feb
HM F 24
Annex draft.
C Feb 24
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Mr Merivale
Lord Carnarvon has suggested an alteration (on the margin) in the letter to Mr Cary, appointing him Attorney General in British Columbia, to which Mr Blackwood wishes to call your attention. The Draft as it stood is in the same terms as your letter to Sir Hugh Cairns.
HT Irving 5 March
C M 5
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Lytton to Douglas, No. 29, 10 March 1859.
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Draft, Carnarvon to G.H. Cary, 10 March 1859, advising of his appointment as Attorney General of British Columbia, and stating the terms offered.