Corry to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
18 February 1859
In reply to your letter of the 16th Instant, stating the desire of Secretary Sir E. Bulwer Lytton to be informed whether My Lord Commisioners of the Admiralty would object to the appointment of Mr William A.G. Young, Paymaster R.N. as Colonial Secretary of British Columbia in the event of such an appointment being created; I am commanded byManuscript imageby their Lordships to acquaint you that They will have no objection to Mr Young accepting the above named appointment.
I am etc.
H. Corry
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
See 1923.
Mr Merivale
Now that the Admiralty & the Foreign Office both say that they will spare Mr Young, if the Govr wishes to confer the Office of Col: Secy on him, it remains for Sir E. Lytton to decide what salary he would recommend the Treasury to sanction for this Officer. The Manuscript imageSalary will appear I understand in the Parly Estimate for B. Columbia. Wherefore, and to keep up the same scale of salary established for that Colony, I shd conceive that about £500 per ann: wd suffice. The Secy performs also the duties of Auditor or Accountant.
ABd 19 Feb
Yes. £500 will give him a right to a passage.
HM F 21
I agree.
C Feb 22
Sir E. Lytton
I passed this yesterday to you but by some mistake it has returned to me. It is a question of salary.
C Feb 23
I object decidedly to any more Salaries in our Estimates, for which we had no warrant last year. Reply [if] Mr Young is appointed he must be paid out of the Colonial Revenue at £500 a year until that Revenue increases. So write to Govr.
EBL Feb 27