No. 38
Downing Street,
24 March 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch, No 69, of the 7th January, reporting the arrival of the Reverend W.B. Crickmer with a License from the Bishop of London to fulfil the Office of Chaplain to the Residents in British Columbia.
I have to acquaint youthatManuscript image that Mr Crickmer has not received from me any appointment as Chaplain. On the formation of the Civil Government in British Columbia, the Society for the propagation of the Gospel appointed the Reverend J. Gammage to officiate there and he was granted a passage to the Colony in the "Thames City" which conveyed the Royal Engineers. Shortly afterwards the Colonial Church Society selected Mr Crickmer as their Missionary. Neither clergyman received any promise of remuneration or other privileges, and I should regret if owingtoManuscript image to the terms of the Bishop's License you should assign to Mr Crickmer any Seniority of position amongst the Clergy in the Colony.
I have applied to the Bishop of London for information as to the terms of the Credentials given to Mr Gammage and Mr Crickmer, on the receipt of which I shall address you further on this subject. In the meantime I must instruct you that no permanent Ecclesiastical arrangements can be made till they shall have received the sanction of the BishopofManuscript image of British Columbia who may be expected shortly to arrive in the Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant,
E B Lytton