No. 74
4 August 1860
My Lord Duke
I have the honor of transmitting herewith, for Her Majesty's approval, the Copy of a Proclamation entitled "The New Westminster Municipal Council Act 1860."
2. Manuscript image 2. This is the Act which I had the honor of reporting to Your Grace in my Despatch marked "Separate," and dated New Westminster the 25th of May 1860.
3. It provides for the election of a Municipal Council invested with power to raise money by assessment on all Town Lots, and erections thereon, situated within the limits of Manuscript image of New Westminster, and authorises them to expend that money in the formation of streets, and in providing for the health, comfort and security of the inhabitants.
4. The Municipal Council is to consist of seven members, being British Subjects, and each being possessed of a property qualification of Fifty pounds, and all rate payers Manuscript image payers are entitled to vote in the election of Councillors.
5. The Council can levy such rates only as are approved of by a majority of the rate payers, and by the Governor for the time being. In the same manner, all Bye-laws passed by the Council, must be confirmed by the Governor for the time being, before they have the force Manuscript image force of Law.
6. The compulsory clause, requiring Lot-Holders to cut down the standing Trees, except such as may be reserved on any Lot for ornament, was introduced into the Act at the request of the people themselves, who represented that there was no security for their property, which was in perpetual danger of being destroyed either by the falling of trees or by their conflagration as Manuscript image as long as any part of the forest, within the inhabited portion of the Town remained.
7. The clause has also merits of another kind; it will have the effect of inducing holders of Lots, whether resident or not, to improve their property, and thereby benefit the Town.
8. The Act has been prepared Manuscript image prepared with much care and consideration by the Attorney General, and will, I trust, be productive of much good.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Register the Act. Submit it to Sir F. Rogers. Lay the desph before Parlt eventually.
ABd 27 Sep
TFE 29 Sep
FR 2/10
(Must be laid before Parlt first.)
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7130 - 23 May
7722 - 5 June 1860
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This is a batch of Despatches from Governor Douglas which the Duke of Newcastle has not had an opportunity of perusing, but which I think His Grace will find it useful to look over with reference to the present state of the Colony in different ways, & as bearing upon the Memorial in 7727 for the establishment of Representative Govt in the Colony.
ABd Oct 1860