No. 36
4 August 1860
I have the honor of transmitting herewith the Copy of an Act Entitled An Act to provide "forManuscript imagefor the Administration of Oaths in the House of Assembly, and the Production of Evidence before Committees of the Same, which has been duly passed by the Legislature of this Colony, and is now submitted for Her Majesty's Approval.
2. Before the passage of the Act, doubts existed as to the power of the ClerkManuscript imageClerk, and Chairman of Election Committees of the House of Assembly to administer Oaths or Affirmations necessary for the efficient discharge of their duties, which this Act is intended to remove. It authorises the exercise of the same powers as are by Law conferred upon and possessed by similar officers of the House of Commons.
3. The Act as originated inManuscript imagein the House of Assembly was extravagant in its claims, and was therefore Entirely remodelled in Council; and will in its present form, I trust, not be found exceptionable in principle.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Register the Act & submit it to Sir F. Rogers.
ABd 27 Sepr
TFE 29/9
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Draft, Wood to The Lord President, 10 October 1860, forwarding copy of the act and asking that it be submitted to the Queen in Council for sanction.