No. 76
16 August 1860
My Lord Duke,
The intelligence I had the honor to communicate to your Grace in my Despatch No 70, of the 3rd of Instant, respecting the discovery of Manuscript image of rich and paying Gold Fields at Rock Creek and in the Shimilkomeen Country, have been confirmed by the arrival of different persons with samples which they themselves have dug in those parts.
The gold is nuggety and of fine quality, being readily separated from the soil without the use of quicksilver, and is found away from the water-courses as well as in the river beds Manuscript image beds, and the miners are said to be realizing from six to Fifty dollars a day to the man.
2. One instance of remarkable success is mentioned in the report of Mr O'Reilly, the Gold Commissioner at Fort Hope, it being of two miners who realized in six weeks, by mining, the sum of Thirteen Hundred dollars, and their confidence in the productiveness of the country Manuscript image country was so great that they soon after invested the whole sum in the purchase of another claim.
3. In consequence of those reports there has been a great rush of people to the new diggings, and all articles of consumption are scarce and selling there at a high price.
4. The same report mentions the very important discovery Manuscript image discovery of a Silver lead at Union Bar near Fort Hope.
5. The specimens of the ore sent here appear rich and valuable, but it is impossible to predict without a severer test the actual value of the discovery, and whether the lead will be rich enough to pay the working expenses or not.
6. The discoverers, and upwards of Seventy other persons who have recorded Manuscript image recorded claims on the lead appear however to be much elated, and fully satisfied of its value, and they are said to be importing blasting tools, and materials in large quantities, with the intention of turning the discovery to immediate account.
7. Several tons of the ore have already been sent to New Westminster for assay, and we will no doubt receive Manuscript image receive further reports of its value in the course of a few days.
8. Specimens of silver ore have also been found at the mouth of Harrison's River. One of these yielded on assay, at the rate of Twenty pounds worth of silver to the ton of ore.
9. I propose to despatch a party to investigate the mineral resources of that part of the country, in hopes of Manuscript image of making some valuable discovery which may attract, and afford employment to a population, as the whole country about Harrison Lake is otherwise valueless, being mountainous, rocky, and utterly unfit for tillage.
10. The tidings from Yale, Cayoosh, and Lytton are generally satisfactory.
11. The new roads are progressing apace, and the cost of transport is Manuscript image is being gradually reduced with the increasing facilities of communication.
12. The number of miners collected about Alexandria and Quesnel River rendered it necessary for the maintenance of peace and order to form a police station at the former place, and I have to announce to your Grace that I have lately appointed Mr Philip H. Nind, as Magistrate and Manuscript image and Assistant Gold Commissioner for that District.
There being nothing further of an unusual nature to communicate.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Acke with No 70, expressing satisfaction at the rect of this intelligence. Copy to Land Board. Lay before Parlt.
ABd 10 Oct
FR 10/10
CF 16
No 70 has been already ackd.
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Draft, Rogers to Emigration Commissioners, 20 October 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch for information.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 54, 23 October 1860.