No. 86
8 October 1860
My Lord Duke
Having very recently completed a rather protracted journey exceeding five weeks of almost constant travelling in Manuscript image in British Columbia, I regret that there is not time to communicate to your Grace, by the Mail of this day, now about leaving for San Francisco, the result of my observations on the character and prospects of that Colony.
2. On leaving Vancouver Island I proceeded by the Northern Harrison River Manuscript image River Road to "Douglas" and from thence successively visited Cayoosh, Lytton, Shimilkomeen, and Rock Creek. On my return I followed the mountain Road to Hope, and afterwards paid a hasty visit to Yale and New Westminster.
3. The lately discovered Gold District in Shimilkomeen is, for Manuscript image for the time being, attached to the Hope district, a course which I was compelled to adopt for want of an efficient officer at that time, to conduct the public business of the new District.
4. The fame of the rich diggings discovered at Rock Creek, have drawn to that place chiefly from the State of Manuscript image of Oregon, upwards of five hundred Miners and persons engaged in other pursuits.
I therefore found it necessary to lose no time in making arrangements to maintain the peace, and to protect the public revenue by the appointment of a Magistrate and Gold Commissioner for that District, together with Manuscript image with other officers to enforce the Customs Laws of the Colony, and that object was, I am happy to say, effected without creating any dissatisfaction among the foreign population there present.
5. I am further glad to report that peace and good order exist everywhere within the Colony, and that a general and marked feeling of confidence is Manuscript image is exhibited by the resident population in the resources of the Country.
6. I shall endeavour to prepare a report of my late proceedings for your Grace's information, before the departure of the next Mail.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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VJ 1 Decr
Brief report of a tour in B. Columbia.
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