Arbuthnot to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
5 April 1860
I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to transmit to you, herewith, a Copy of a Letter from the Commissioners of Audit, and of its enclosure, claiming repayment of the amount of advances from the Treasury Chest, on account of British Columbia, and I am to request that you will state to the Duke of Newcastle that the balance on the Grant for British Columbia for the year 1859/60, is not sufficient to meet the Claim of the Treasury Chest Manuscript image Chest for these advances which amount to £10,340.4.8.
Their Lordships propose to postpone the repayment,
until some general adjustment of the advances for this Colony can be made.
In the mean time, however, They consider that Colonel Moody, and Captain Parsons, should be called upon to furnish accounts for the several issues to them or to their order,
Agree in this opinion. But before writing to B. Columbia for Col: Moody's accts ascertain (privately) whether he has not left them in this Country with Major Elphinstone R.E.
with the exception of the payments on account of their own Passages, and those of their respective families.
With reference to the last paragraph of the Auditor's Report, My Lords are of opinion that the account of this Expenditure should be rendered to the Commissioners of Audit for their examination,
unless Colonel Moody and Captain Parsons have forwarded Accounts to the War Department.
I think they have not done so: but an enquiry shd first be made at the War Office.
Their Lordships would, at the same time, call call Manuscript image the attention of His Grace to the necessity of calling for Accounts of the several sums which have been drawn by the Governor and Treasurer by Bills on the Paymaster General,
Call accy.
which appear in the Statements forwarded in the Letters from this Department of the 1st February 1859, and 16th Ultimo.
They are not aware of any instructions that may have been given to Captain Gosset, the Treasurer,
None that I know of.
on this subject, nor are They aware that any arrangements have been made for the audit of the Accounts in the Colony.
In the absence of any special Instructions, Their Lordships would submit to the Duke of Newcastle the expediency of informing the Treasurer that it will be necessary to forward to the Commissioners of Audit Accounts and Vouchers of the several sums received and disbursed by him,
Adopt this suggestion.
on account of the Bills drawn upon Manuscript image upon the Paymaster General.
Their Lordships would also call the attention of His Grace to the expediency of giving some directions in regard to the course to be pursued in accounting for the Revenue raised in the Colony,
Very proper, & always intended when the time arrived for so doing.
in pursuance of the Instructions contained in the 11th par. of Sir E.B. Lytton's Despatch, No 8 of Augt 14/58.
They wish to be favoured with the opinion of His Grace whether British Columbia is to be considered for the present as a Crown Colony,
Certainly a Crown Colony at present.
the Revenue of which is to be accounted for to Her Majesty's Government, upon the same system that has been adopted in the other dependencies of the Crown not possessing representative Governments.
Adopt the same system in B.C. as in other Crown Colonies in this respect.
Their Lordships apprehend that the Forms of Instructions which have been already furnished to the Treasurer will enable him to draw up the Accounts in a satisfactory state for examination by the Commissioners of Audit.
Of this the T-y are the best Judges. They & the Audit Bd have drawn out the Instructions.
.par Say that we have no reason to doubt that the instructions already sent are sufficient.
TFE 10/4
I am etc.
G. Arbuthnot
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I would refer you to the marginal notes I have made.
ABd 10 April/60
I agree in Mr Blackwood's suggestions.
TFE 10/4
N 11
Manuscript image
Mr Blackwood
I have detained these papers in order to make some inquiry at the War Office & Treasury about these accts.
I now submit these Drafts for approval.
It seems very doubtful whether Capt Gossets instructions are more than mere rules on matters of detail, and on the forms in which he is to keep his Books &c and I therefore have ventured to insert in the Despatch to Gov. Douglas instructions on some points which have been hitherto neglected & which are of much importance to this Department; Such as sending home Estimates, periodical returns &c.
I have also announced to him the proposed amount of the Parly Vote.
HT Irving 2 May
These appear to me very good and comprehensive drafts.
TFE 2 May
CF 3
N 4
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Henry Arbuthnot and W.L. Maberly, Audit Office, to Treasury, 10 March 1860, transmitting a statement and vouchers for advances made by the paymaster general from Treasury Chest Funds on account of British Columbia.
Statement as noted above.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 22, 5 May 1860.
Manuscript image
Draft, Rogers to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, advising that repayment of sums due should be postponed until general adjustments of the advances on account of the colony could be made.