No. 63
25 October 1861
With reference to my Despatch No. 61 of the 21st instant transmitting for Her Majesty's approval the "Land Registry Act 1861," I have the honor to acquaint Your Grace that I have appointed Mr Arthur T. BushbytoManuscript image to be Registrar General, under that Act.
2. Mr Bushby on his arrival in the Colony in 1858 brought letters of introduction from the Colonial Office, and has since the beginning of 1859, held the Office of Registrar of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in which capacity he has given every satisfaction.
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I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient
humble Servant
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
See 10959.
VJ 10 Decr
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Sir F. Rogers has spoken to me about these papers, which require some further steps before they can be finally disposed of.
The Governor has sent home an act for the registry of titles of land. This act has been considered in the usual way and reported on both by the Land Board and by Sir F. Rogers, and found unobjectionable. A Draft therefore has been adopted for its confirmation.
But then the Governor says thattheManuscript image the measure will require a Registrar, to be paid by a salary of £500 a year, and he recommends Mr Bushby for the Office. Before we write to the Governor we must take the Duke of Newcastle's pleasure whether he assents to the selection of Mr Bushby and we must obtain the concurrence of the Treasury in the salary of £500.
Mr Bushby it seems went out in 1858 with a letter of recommendation, but we have searchedandManuscript image and cannot find any record of the particulars. Gov. Douglas however reports that Mr Bushby has since the beginning of 1859 held the Office of Registrar of the Supreme Court, and that in it he has given every satisfaction.
As to the salary I annex a Draft asking the requisite Treasury sanction.
TFE 15 Jany
The Govr is accused by his enemies of packing all places in the Colony with his "Creatures"—I know notManuscript image whether there is any truth in this. If there were it would be a ground for hesitating to adopt his recommendation, but I am unwilling to refuse in this case without specific ground for doing so.
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Draft, Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 18 January 1862, advising of the appointment of a registrar of land and recommending that the proposed salary of £500 be sanctioned.