Berens to Newcastle
Hudson's Bay House
2 April 1861
With reference to Mr Fortescue's letter of the 15th February on the subject of the encroachments of Governor Douglas on the property of the Hudson's Bay Company in British Columbia, and the reply which I had the honour of addressing to your Grace on the 1st March, I beg now to transmit an Extract of a letter from Mr Dallas to the Secretary of this Company which has since been received, and in which he adducedfreshManuscript image fresh proofs in opposition to Governor Douglas's assertion that "no just and efficient grounds exist for the complaints made by Mr Dallas."
I have etc.
H.H. Berens
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I think it wd be the select plan to let Mr Murdoch see this further Letter of the H.B.C. before we execute the directions on 2760.
ABd 5 Apl
Mr Fortescue
See Mr Murdoch's memo, annexed.
TFE 6/4
CF 10
N 13
Mr Blackwood
The Minutes may therefore now be executed.
TFE 16 April
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Mr Murdoch
With reference to Mr Blackwood's Minute, perhaps you will have the kindness to look at this letter, and to let us know if it modifies your previous suggestions.
Should you find that it will be more convenient to elicit your opinion in a report, let us know and we will send it to you officially.
TFE 5 April
Mr Elliot
I do not think this additional letter requires any modification of my previous report. Mr Dallas alleged that the whole of the Co's property at Yale, except one lot, had been sold to squatters—theManuscript imagethe Govr answered that the Cos property had been marked on the map as a "Reserve" & had been respected—to which Mr Dallas rejoined that the "Reserve" was of no value—& that the Cos land had not been respected. It is clear that Mr Dallas' view of the Cos claim is much more extensive than the Govrs and I have no doubt that the Govr wd answer Mr Dallas' rejoinder & his present letter by saying that the land he claims for the Co was never theirs at all. In point of fact the matter is of no importance. The Co can have no claim to any land in B. Columbia which has not been continuously occupied—and the land in question by Mr Dallas' own acknowledgement had been long abandoned, until the Gold discoveries induced the Co to return to it. If a title could be made out on such grounds as these, there would be no limit to the claims which the Co might put forward.
TWCM 6/4/61
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Extract, A.G. Dallas to Thomas Fraser, 26 January 1861, concerning the claims of the Hudson's Bay Company.
Manuscript image
William McGhie, 1 December 1858, a signed testament that he had taken and leased Lot 8, Block x in the "District of Frasers River."
Manuscript image
Memorandum of deeds granted at Fort Yale, three entries.