Claro-Collins to Colonial Office
Hussar House
Barwell nr Hinckley
March 2nd 1861
The Revd W. Claro-Collins presents his compts to the Right Honble the Secretary of the Colonial Office, & desires to beg a little information on the following subject.
A poor parishioner of his, has seen in a newspaper an account of the death of a relative, who was shot in California in some quarrel. As he has left a little property, the SurvivorsManuscript image are anxious to take steps to prove the death of the deceased; but as they do not know whom to apply to, nor in what manner the application Should be made, the Revd W. Claro-Collins will feel grateful for any information as to whether there are any authorities in California who can be addressed on the Subject with a view to establish their relationship & prove the death.
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Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Observe that California is not a Colonial Dependency of the Crown, & that the S.S. is unable to point out any mode by which the writer cd procure the infn he seeks.
ABd 4/3
Tell him that California, being a Forn Country, does not fall under this Dept, but that Mr W. Lane Booker is HM's Consul at San Francisco in Cal. & that probably the Writers best course will be to address his inquiry to that Gentleman.
TFE 6/3
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Draft, Fortescue to Claro-Collins, 9 March 1861, suggesting that Booker be contacted in San Francisco for further information on the deceased.