No. 9, Military
7 February 1862
Referring to the second Paragraph of my Despatch to Your Grace No 72, of the 23rd November last, wherein I mention the Sum of Two Thousand pounds (£2000) as being still available from the Parliamentary Grant for British Columbia, for the year ending 31st March 1862,IManuscript image I have the honor to acquaint Your Grace that money being required to meet payments due to the Royal Engineers, I have authorized the Treasurer to draw for this Sum in the usual manner of Bills on Her Majesty's Paymaster General, which Bills I trust will be duly accepted on presentation.
2. I have been obliged to obtain this money earlier than I intended, for I had no other resource from which to pay thetroopsManuscript image troops. As is mentioned in my Despatch of this date marked "Separate," Fraser River has been frozen over since the beginning of the year, and the direct communication with New Westminster stopped. In consequence our usual Revenue has almost completely failed me, and we have been reduced to the necessity of effecting a temporary loan to meet current expenditure.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your graces most obedient Servt
James Douglas
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Mr Elliot
ABd 21 Apl
TFE 21 April
N 22
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Draft, Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 24 April 1862, forwarding copy of the despatch for information.
Minutes by CO staff
N.B. This letter had better go in without delay.
TFE 24/4