Paget to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
26 June 1862
In reply to your letter of the 14th Instant requesting to be furnished with any information or remarks, which my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty can afford, on the propriety of the charge made for the freight of Hay and Oats shipped on board the "Thames City," in 1858 for British Columbia, and afterwards landed at GravesendbyManuscript image by Colonel Moody's direction; the charge for Freight being £98.10 whilst the value of the goods appears to have been only £183.3.1; I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you, for the information of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, that the amount paid for the freight of the Stores in question or any other goods, is necessarily irrespective of their value; and that the Rate agreed upon in the case of the "Thames City" viz. £4.18.6 pertonManuscript image ton was the lowest that could be obtained, and has since been frequently exceeded in forwarding Stores to Vancouver's Island.
I am
Your most humble Servant
C. Paget
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Mr Elliot
Copy to T-y—with ref: to our Lr of Mar 14th inst.
ABd 28 June
TFE 30 June
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Draft, Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 2 July 1862, forwarding copy of the letter.