Hammond to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
6 June 1862
I am directed by Earl Russell to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 2nd Ultimo, referring, for His Lordship's consideration, a Despatch from the Governor of British Columbia, making certain enquiries as to the rights of Great Britain with regard to the Navigation of a river flowing from the British Territory through Russian Territory.
I am to state to you in replythatManuscript image that His Lordship referred the question to Her Majesty's Advocate General, a copy of whose opinion on the subject is enclosed herewith for the Duke of Newcastle's information; and I am to request that you will, in laying the same before His Grace, express Lord Russell's opinion that it would not be expedient at present to raise any question on the subject with the Russian Government.
I am,
Your most obedient
humble Servant,
E. Hammond
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Mr Elliot
As this Letter is not marked "Confidential" I presume we may send a copy of the Queen's Advocate's opinion to the Governor for his information without objection on the part of the For: Office; accompanied however by the intimation made by Lord Russell that is not expedient at present to raise any question with Russia on this subject.
ABd 7 June
And that the opinion must in no way be made public?
TFE 7/6
N 10
Vide Sir F.R.'s separate minute attached to Con/2623 B. Columbia.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, Confidential, 1 July 1862, forwarding the report from the Advocate General, advising that the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs is of opinion that it would not be expedient at present to raise any question on the subject with the Russian Government, and instructing Douglas to keep the report confidential.
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Vide annexed minute.
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J.D. Harding, Doctor's Commons, to Earl Russell, 31 May 1862, reporting at length on British rights in Russian territory, and advising that the matter not be taken up with the Russian government at the present time.