Hamilton to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
29 May 1862
I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you for the information of the Duke of Newcastle that under the circumstances represented in the correspondence enclosed in your letter of the 5 Inst, My Lords will not withhold their assent to the charge upon the Revenues of British Columbia of the sum of £2,500 being one half of the sum required to fulfil the engagements made bytheManuscript image the Attorney General of Vancouvers Island for a fortnightly Steam Communication for the conveyance of the Mails between San Francisco and Victoria or Esquimalt for 6 Months from February to July, the other half having been voted by the Legislature of Vancouver Island.
This charge will be an addition to the charge already sanctioned upon the Revenue for 1862 according to the Estimate submitted in your letter of 21 February last, and TheirLordshipsManuscript image Lordships consider that the Governor should be instructed to limit the amount of the expenditure provided therein for Public Works so that the Revenue may be able to meet the additional charge.
I am Sir
Your obedient Servant Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
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A draft is in circulation approving of what the Governor has done. I should see no objection to adding to it the sentences proposed at the conclusion of the present letter from the Treasury.
TFE 31 May
CF 2 June
N 3
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 128, 7 June 1862, informing Douglas that his plan to [secure] a direct postal communication with San Francisco has been approved, and warning him that it will be necessary […] to curtail accordingly your projected expenditure on public works, so as to enable the public funds to meet this additional charge.