Nind to Newcastle
8 Guildford Street W.C.
24th June
My Lord Duke,
I have the honour to inform your Grace that having been under medical treatment for a nervous disorder since I arrived in England from British Columbia in MarchandManuscript image and that any recovery being still postponed, I am recommended to apply for an extension of leave until the spring of next year by my medical adviser Dr Gull from whom I enclose an opinion.
Opinion not received with the Letter.
Opinion sincerecd 27 JuneN/4281.
Feeling that under the circumstances a complete restoration to health is essential to the proper fulfilment of my duties in BritishBritishManuscript image Columbia, I trust your Grace will not deem it inexpedient to increase the length of my furlough to the time recommended. My address for the next fortnight will be 8 Guildford Street, Russell Square.
I have the honour to be My Lord Duke,
your Grace's most obedient humble servant
Philip Henry Nind
Magistrate & Gold Commissioner

To His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary
of State for the Colonies
&ca &ca
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Inform this Gentn that Dr Gull's certificate has not reached us.
ABd 25 June
Mr Blackwood
But first, I think, ascertain from the returns of his service &c whether any medical certificate will entitle him to leave on half pay.
FR 25/6
The medical opinion has been since recd. See 4281.
Mr Nind has served 18 months in British Columbia, and 9 months in Van C. Island. As this leave has been granted to Mr Nind on acct of his service & his Office in B. Columbia I observe that according to the 115 section of the Colonial Regulations his full amount of leave has been granted. If his present application is complied with his absence wd exceed by six months 1/6th of his residence in the Colony. Leave can, of course, be allowed him, but witht 1/2 salary.
ABd 30 June
Mr Blackwood
Answer to this effect. Draft.
TFE 30/6
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Fortescue to Nind, 4 July 1862, advising that according to colonial regulations he had been given the whole of his available leave, and any extension would not allow payment of his half salary.